Superman & The photo from the third season of Lois shows Tyler Hecklin’s new super suit


When the CW’s biggest new Arrow series, “Superman and Lois,” returns to air for a third season, it looks like “Man of Steel” will look a little different. A new behind-the-scenes photo of Superman and Lois star Tyler Hacklin, who is apparently getting ready for filming, shows him wearing a slightly updated supersuit.

The photo was posted online by Paige’s Twitter account, and it shows Hecklin looking over his shoulder at someone or something off-screen. The apparent new costume of the Superman and Lois star looks like blue might be a slightly darker shade, but what really stands out is the more elevated Superman logo in the center of his chest.

It seems that this was not the only change in the appearance of the character in the upcoming season. Khechlin can also be seen in bright new shoes. Since the image was posted without any context, it’s hard to say exactly why Superman is going to change his appearance. Of course, it’s entirely possible that there’s no real reason outside of the show to want to give it a fresh take on the new season. On the other hand, most likely, fans of Superman and Lois will soon see why the supersuit has undergone some changes.

Fans commenting on the post argued several times about what the suit looked like, and they got the feeling that it looked a bit like Henry Cavill’s clothes in Man of Steel. However, others have pointed out the differences in these two costumes, mentioning some similarities with the clothes of Kara Zor-El in the CW series “Supergirl”. It looks like the costume is designed to look a little more “modern”, rather than the sewn-on look that Christopher Reeves Superman fans remember.

The only thing this photo does is highlight the fact that Superman and Lois are returning next season after fans of the CW network caused quite a bit of concern. Turmoil and cancellations were rampant on the CW earlier this spring, and there were quite a few people who worried that the still relatively new program would get caught in the crossfire.

The update was a special relief for loyal viewers, given that the second season of “Superman and Lois” ended with a rather shocking revelation. Although the series is going to return, there is no official release date for the third season yet.

The second season of “Superman and Lois” is available to stream on the CW app.


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