Superman & The finale of the second season of “Lois” will reveal a big story, says the star


The star of “Superman and Lois” Alex Garfin says that the upcoming finale of the second season will make viewers “go crazy.” The series, which is currently airing on the CW, is a spinoff of the Supergirl project of the Arrow series, which aired in 2021. children Jonathan (Jordan Alsace) and Jordan (Garfin). As the series progresses, Jordan increasingly controls the powers he inherited from his father, who tries to go unnoticed under his alias Clark Kent.

The most recent episode of “Superman and Lois” was the penultimate episode of the “Bizarre Worlds” season and aired on June 21, 2022. When Bizarro’s universe began to collide with their own, Jordan decided to reveal his powers to his beloved. interest, Sarah, to fight back Lana-Ro and Jon-El. With such a big twist, a major shift in Jordan’s dynamic with the outside world is revealed in the upcoming finale, as well as in the third season, which was officially renewed in March this year.

By topic: The shocking turn of Superman and Lois Powers creates the biggest problem for Jordan

Garfin met with TVLine to discuss the twists and turns of the previous episode of “Superman and Lois”, as well as important steps to be taken in the upcoming finale. He teased that the fans would go crazy about what would happen next. While he obviously couldn’t provide any important details about the plot of the season finale, he said viewers can expect “big twists in a very big picture.” Read his full quote below:

There will be very big turns in very large-scale things. The fans will go crazy.

The finale of the second season of the series “Superman and Lois” is called “Waiting for Superman”, and its premiere is scheduled for June 28, 2022. The episode will be based on the official statement of Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik) about the merger of two worlds. Although Jordan is not mentioned by name in the official synopsis (like the rest of his family), viewers can be sure that they are waiting for great challenges.

The finale was co-written by Superman and Lois co-creator and showrunner Todd Helbing, which points to the truth in Garfin’s statement. Usually the showrunner, who is busy with a lot of different duties, intervenes to write only about the premieres of seasons, finales or other episodes that have a big impact on the overall storyline of the series. While fans will have to wait to find out exactly what important revelations are coming, they certainly have to prepare for something amazing.