Superman Secretly has his own version of the oracle of the bat family


The bat family may have a valuable asset in the form of Oracle skills; however, it seems that Superman has his own version of the hero. One person in the orbit of the “Man of Steel” acts as the responsible person of the Superfamily when it comes to collecting important information.

Barbara Gordon first became an ally of the Bat Family as the hero of Batgirl and fought for many years on the side of the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, she was shot by the Joker in an attempt to drive Commissioner Gordon crazy, and she was paralyzed from the waist down. However, despite this event, Barbara Gordon reinvented herself as an Oracle and became the main technical expert and specialist in relations with the bat family. There was nothing online or in person that Barbara couldn’t track down, showing that she was still a valuable asset to her crime-fighting partners.

But Barbara is not the only detective in DCU with the know-how to find top secret information. In action movie #877 by Greg Cancer and Sidney Teles, the newest Nightwing, Chris Kent, is sent back to his foster home to save the life of his partner, Tara Ak-Var, also known as the Firebird. Tara has just been attacked by Chris’ psychopathic biological mother, Ursa, who used a knife made of kryptonite to inject shards of radioactive material deep into the hero. Fortunately, Chris’s foster mother is Lois Lane, and she knows exactly what to do in this situation. She calls on Kimiyo Hoshi, also known as Dr. Light, to come and repair the damage done to Tara. The hero expresses surprise that Lois was able to find her personal number, to which the fearless reporter replies that she has “almost all the numbers.”

Lois Lane may not have a cave or a system of high-tech communication equipment, but she definitely copes with her task. And while Barbara Gordon’s work as an Oracle cannot be underestimated, there are many similarities in how she works with Lois. After all, no matter what someone has at their disposal, tracking down personal information in the DCU is not an easy task. But the different methods used by these two continue the thematic parallel between super- and bats.

Superman and Batman have long been considered two sides of the same coin. Both fight for justice and both assume secret identities with a large team of people to help their mission. The key difference, apart from their powers and skills, is that Batman acts in the shadows, while Superman fights crime in the light of day. While this concept is mostly applicable to the two Titans, it often extends to their allies as well. In the case of Lois Lane and Oracle, both essentially perform similar duties, gathering information and acting as coordinators for the larger superhuman community. But like Superman, Lois takes to the streets to dig dirt, while Oracle follows in Batman’s footsteps and maintains a hidden, low-key presence to disguise his activities. Lois may not have Oracle’s computer skills, but she’s as useful to Superman as a member of the bat family is to her allies.


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