Superman & Lois: showrunner discusses Lex Luthor



The Superman & Lois pilot presented an intriguing mystery: where did The Stranger, or Captain Luthor, come from? This week’s episode gave the answer.

In the second episode of the Arrowverse drama, the armed villain revealed that he hates Superman because the Kryptonian destroyed his planet, the alternate Earth that was conquered by the evil version of Superman.

A flashback at the end of the episode portrayed the scene of the merciless battle in which Krypton’s last son descended from heaven in his black suit and snatched the entire Luthor army with his vision of warmth, including Earth General Sam Lane.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner on the series, Todd Helbing, talked about the character. He said he wanted to gradually reveal Luthor’s intentions and what happened to him, as well as explain his motivations for wanting to end Superman.

Helbing believes that the events shown create a connection between the audience and the villain’s purpose, while putting the antagonist in juxtaposition in relation to the plot hero.

Superman & Lois: Tyler Hoechlin also comments on Luthor’s findings

From Hoechlin’s point of view, the actor says that he liked being able to wear the black uniform again, even though he faced some difficulties to put it on.

The actor wore the same costume in which he could be seen in Elseworlds, crossover of the Arrowverse series. According to Tyler, the outfit was a little tighter. Clark Kent’s interpreter hopes to have other opportunities to portray the darker version of the character.

New episodes of Superman & Lois are shown every Tuesday on The CW. Be sure to check it out!


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