Superman & Lois: Season Finale Wins Unpublished Preview; Watch!


Superman & Lois: Next Tuesday (17), The CW will air the first season finale of Superman & Lois, a series starring Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. To make viewers even more anxious about what’s to come in production, the network has already released an unprecedented preview with exclusive scenes of the last episode of the season.

The title “Last Sons of Krypton” should follow directly from where this week’s episode ended.

Check out the full preview below:

In “The Erradicator,” aired last Tuesday (10), Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) kidnapped Jordan Kent (played by Alexander Garfin) and turned him into the enigmatic Zeta-Rho. Thinking about rescuing his son, Superman set out in search of Jordan, who could have severe complications if nothing happens to change his situation.

Along with this delicate situation for the Kent family, Lois will need to confront Leslie Larr (Stacey Farber), remembering that the character in question almost took Lois’ life, as she simply reported Tal-Rho’s threat to the city of Metropolis. All of this is somehow connected to the parallel universe of John Henry Irons (Wole Parks).

Superman & Lois: learn more about the series’ season 1 outcome

In a recent interview with TV Line, actress Stacey Farber commented on what audiences could expect from the season 1 finale of Superman & Lois. According to her, the issue of Lois and Leslie will be one of the strong points of the narrative.

“They will have an intense conversation, which I think should have happened some other time,” she said. “Lois has insulted her all season, so Leslie, who has had to hold back, finally gets a chance to speak,” she explained. “I’m really excited to see it all. I hope it’s as good as it was to shoot”, concluded the actress.

So be sure to check it out! The season finale of Superman & Lois will air on August 17th on The CW.


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