Superman & Lois Season 3: The Future of Super Boy Jordan, Addressed by the Showrunner


Attention! This article contains the MAIN spoilers from the finale of the second season of the series “Superman and Lois”.

The showrunner of the series “Superman and Lois” Todd Helbing talks about the future of Superboy Jordan Kent in the third season, when the show returns in 2023. While the traditional Superboy, Conner Kent, was a regular player in HBO’s Titans Max, the Arrowverse went in a different direction. with a super-teenager. Despite the fact that the series “Superman and Lois” features Jonathan Kent from DC, Jordan Kent instead acts as a franchise character similar to Superboy, with the latter being an original creation for the series. Starting with the first season of Superman and Lois, Jordan began to discover his Kryptonian abilities and gradually embarked on the same heroic path as his father.

Throughout the second season of Superman and Lois, Jordan trained to better control his abilities. However, since Superman’s plate was fuller than usual, the second season of “Superman and Lois” allowed Jordan to prove himself and become a trainee hero. With the Reverse World as the central arch for Superman and Lois this year, Jordan was forced at some point to fight his brother’s doppelganger, who bore the name Superboy in his universe. After the end of the second season of the series “Superman and Lois”, Jordan’s story as a superhero is just beginning.

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While “Superman and Lois” has been renewed for season 3, the drama “Arrow” will only return sometime in 2023. However, the showrunner of “Superman and Lois” Todd Helbing knows where Jordan’s path in the superman will go in the upcoming season. In a recent interview with KryptonSite, Helbing was asked if Jordan would get a proper Superboy costume in season 3 of Superman and Lois, since he only ran in a hoodie during his super saves. According to Helbing, Jordan will currently be wearing a hoodie, but the nickname “Superboy” and his real suit will be in the future. However, this will not necessarily be in the premiere of the third season of “Superman and Lois”, as Helbing stated the following:

“I think right now the hoodie… At some point he will be called Superboy. At some point he will get a haircut. such steps happen. But I would be shocked if you watched the season 3 premiere and saw that he was wearing clothes, with a hairstyle and a Superboy.”

Considering that season 3 of Superman and Lois hasn’t even started filming yet, let alone writing the script, time will tell where they’ll go with Jordan as Superboy. Nevertheless, the second season of “Superman and Lois” convincingly proved that Jordan should become the main Superboy of the show, despite the fact that Jonathan was a Bizarro doppelganger. Judging by how the 2nd season of Superman and Lois went, it seems that the Arrowverse series may really be sticking to the fact that only one of the sons has Kryptonian abilities. It also allows the Lane-Kent family to be a bit balanced: Lois and Jonathan act as human characters, and Clark and Jordan take on superbugs.

Much is unknown about the third season of Superman and Lois, and only a few details are currently confirmed. However, there are still a lot of questions about the series as a whole after a large-scale turn, according to which, despite the fact that the opposite has been claimed for 2 years, the action of Superman and Lois takes place on another Earth in the Arrow Universe. The crisis on Infinite Earths even created Superman and Lois, where they retconned that Lois and Clark only have a child, Jonathan, instead of two sons, and that’s how this Superboy was created for the Arrowverse in the first place.