Superman & Lois: Kent Family Tries Co-Life in Promotion


The first season of Superman & Lois is giving you something to talk about. The new series from the universe of series inspired by DC comics has everything. For the fifth episode of this season, The CW released a teaser that shows the Kent family trying to live a normal life in Clark’s hometown.


The mood of the 1×5 episode of Superman & Lois

The new episode revolves around the Kent family’s attempt to give Smallville-style life a chance, which is small and rural. However, life in the countryside may not be easy for everyone.

Jonathan Kent (Jordan Elsass) appears disgusted in the teaser for being without friends and defines the city as his kryptonite. We also see images of Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin) alone at school, showing how difficult it is for the couple’s children to fit in. Still, Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) asks his kids to try hard to like Smallville.

However, it seems that the children’s social life may not be the only obstacle to having a common life in the small town. The teaser also shows the presence of Captain Luthor (Wole Parks), who is looking for Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and is also apparently involved in some fight with Superman during the preview.

Titled The Best of Smallville, the fifth episode of Superman & Lois will air on March 23.


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