Superman & Lois: children highlighted in the 3rd episode


The CW released a preview of the third episode of Superman & Lois, which will air next Tuesday, March 9.

In the first two episodes, Clark Kent / Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin and Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch), faced a series of challenges amid a move from Metropolis to Smallville, after Martha Kent’s death, in addition to the discovery of that his son Jordan, played by Alex Garfin, inherited his father’s powers, while Jonathan, played by Jordan Elsass, has no supernatural abilities.

To complicate matters, a new threat, The Stranger (Wole Parks) and Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner), whose plan is to revitalize the Smallville coal mine.

In the next episode, entitled “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”, Clark will share his story with his children, while Lois tries to dig the truth about Morgan Edge.

In addition, even though Lois continues to exceed expectations with her great job as a reporter, the girl still has to face her difficulties in the transition to Smallville.

Check out the promo.


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