Superman & Lois: all about the DC series premiere


The debut of Superman & Lois, DC’s new series, took place this Tuesday (23) and has already caught the attention of fans. After all, Superman is one of DC’s most famous and acclaimed characters (if not the greatest!). Therefore, the new series revisits Smallville and promises to dive into the romance of the two main characters, but functioning almost like a Supergirl spin-off.

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More details on the debut episode of Superman & Lois

In the series, Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch reprise their roles in Supergirl, living, respectively, Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Right from the start, what draws attention in the series is its more mysterious photography than we are used to seeing in productions about the superhero. The scenario is welcome, since, after the character is so portrayed, it can be challenging to hold the audience’s attention with yet another portrayal of Superman on television.

But, if the productions previously focused on the challenges that Clark and Lois face to be together, now they seem close to their happy ending. But it is clear that, even “close”, we know that many obstacles will still get in their way, since in the universe of DC the “happy forever” does not come easily.

The couple is raising their two children, Jonathan and Jordan. Clark’s secret identity is protected at the beginning of the premiere episode, but it doesn’t take long for teenagers to discover that their father is Superman (not before, of course, Jordan says that the superhero is an idiot while playing video games ).

In addition, the episode also does not lose the pace of surprising revelations and already shows that Jordan also has superpowers in the season premiere.

Meanwhile, Clark’s personal struggles are also portrayed in Superman & Lois. After all he has lost, imagining a peaceful life with his wife is easier in theory than in practice. The first villain to be introduced is The Stranger – and we can assume that he will probably be a Luthor, right?

Like most of the series’ debut episodes, the DC series pilot served as a way to situate viewers on this return to the city of Smallville. Teenagers already know that their father is a superhero, Jordan has his own superpowers, Clark and Lois try to balance their romance with all the drama of their lives and a new villain is preparing for combat. For sure, the series will have a lot to offer and we will keep an eye on the next episodes!

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