Superman & Lois 1×2: children react to father’s secret


After yesterday’s episode, The CW released the promo for the second episode of Superman & Lois.

In next week’s storyline, Lois and Clark make an important decision about one of their children. Meanwhile, tension grows between Lois and Morgan Edge. Finally, Lana Lang Cushing invites the Kent family to a barbecue.

Creator Lee Toland Krieger directed the chapter that was written by Todd Helbing. The episode will air on March 2, next Tuesday.

Check out the preview below:

Superman & Lois: photos from the second episode are released by The CW
Along with the promo, The CW also released promotional photos for the next episode of the Arrowverse series.

Titled “Heritage”, the plot will accompany the Kent family as they try to adapt to life in Smallville, after making the decision to move to rural Kansas.

However, the episode presents other changes that the family will have to adapt to, such as Clark’s resignation from the Daily Planet. In addition, the revelation that one of his twin sons, Jordan, has inherited his powers, will also be a new issue that everyone will have to deal with.


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