Superman Guy’s Powers Radically Change His Knowledge


Attention: there are spoilers ahead for Superman: Son of Kal-El #12!

A romance between Superman and Lois Lane makes them one of DC Comics’ most iconic couples, but the dynamic between the new Superman, John Kent, and his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, upends all fan expectations of the Man of Steel. Clark Kent’s Superman is unique in that his devotion to Lois goes beyond the oft-quoted advice that a superhero relationship is dangerous for both sides. And although Lois Lane is not a damsel in distress at all, she is still a human being, vulnerable to attacks that Clark is immune to, which makes him even more protective of her. That’s why Jay Nakamura’s superpowers are imperceptibly rewriting the established dynamics between DC Supermen and their loved ones.

Jay Nakamura has the power of impalpability, which allows him to easily move between objects. This makes it so that John or anyone else cannot harm him. However, since he gained his superpowers as a result of experimenting with violent billionaire Henry Bendix, Jay’s powers reflect the struggles he endured as a Gamorran refugee. These days, Jay most often uses his abilities during missions to uncover information about Bendix’s affairs as part of his journalistic crusade Truth.

Even with his superpowers, Jay Nakamura plays the same role as Lois Lane in Clark Kent’s life as a superhero, with the added advantage that he is immune to physical attacks. In past Superman comics, Clark’s concern for Lois has been used as a weakness, a problem that John’s Superman doesn’t have to worry about. However, due to Jay accidentally exposing himself in public at the end of Tom Taylor and Cian Tormey’s Superman: Son of Kal-El #12, John’s Superman may face a whole new problem with his boyfriend that Clark has never faced with Lois.

Jay’s special superpowers allow him to continue doing journalistic work on earth for The Truth, as Lois did for The Daily Planet, but with a twist. Despite the fact that Jay’s powers are not as bright as John’s, they allow him to fight side by side with his boyfriend in pursuit of the truth, which is the basic principle of Superman’s ideals, because he can’t get hurt. This means John no longer has to worry about holding back his powers when his boyfriend is present, flipping one of the most dominant parts of Clark Kent’s Superman comics. The twelfth issue ends with a cliffhanger, and fans will have to see how the new Superman from DC balances life with his boyfriend with superpowers, while protecting Jay’s identity and the Truth in general.

John Kent and Jay Nakamura have established themselves as the newest influential couple in the District of Columbia, as evidenced by the fact that they can fight for truth, justice and a better world in two completely different ways. Jay’s impalpability ensures that he will not be relegated only to the role of a supportive partner on the pages Superman: The son of Kal-El, but he will have the opportunity to become his own superhero. Although Jay Nakamura has a lot in common with Lois Lane, his superpowers are laying the groundwork for a whole new era of Superman comics.