Superman Gains Game Concept With Unreal Engine 5


Superman: Anyone who likes Superman will surely dream of the day when the DC hero will win a good game with aspects worthy of the current generation. This unfortunately hasn’t happened officially yet, but a fan of the character decided to give a proof of what it would be like if they used Unreal Engine 5.

The work you see below is courtesy of a Reddit user known as TJATOMICA. Despite being a short clip (it’s really a few seconds), it’s possible to see that a studio with good resources and the new tool from Epic Games could do something really great.

See below the Man of Steel in a short free flight in what appears to be the city of Metropolis:

I’ve been fooling around in Unreal Engine 5, dreaming of a modern Superman game from gaming

So, did you enjoy the work? Do you also want to see a quality game with one of DC’s main heroes? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.