Superman can be defeated by one Green Lantern (but not the one you’re thinking of)


Warning! Contains spoilers for the movie “Batman/Superman: The Best in the World” #4!

There are many powerful Green Lanterns, but only one lesser-known Lantern by its nature is suitable for easily defeating Superman. Superman is considered one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but he has many weaknesses, such as kryptonite, red sunlight and magic. This means that of all the Green Lanterns, Alan Scott is the best prepared to defeat him in battle.

Alan Scott is the first person to take the name Green Lantern, being part of an earlier generation of Golden Age heroes, including JSA and Jay Garrick as The Flash. Possessing many of the same powers and abilities as the Green Lanterns that would follow him, his ring had some significant differences. Unlike modern Green Lanterns, whose rings cannot affect magical objects, his ring simply could not affect anything wooden. The reason for this is that Scott’s power does not come from the central battery on Oa, but from a mystical weapon known as the Star Heart. The Star Heart was created by the Guardians in an attempt to purify all the magic in the universe by combining it into one weapon. Thus, Scott’s power is very different from the ordinary members of the Green Lantern Corps, although he usually uses it to create energy structures like them. But this difference is still very significant, especially when it comes to fighting Superman.

In Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4 by Mark Wade and Dan Mohr, the possessed Hal Jordan traps Batman and Superman in a Green Lantern energy construct in the shape of a cage. Superman struggles to break out of the cage, but does not affect the grid in any way. Batman notes that the only reason this should be possible is because Hal’s energy constructs have been enhanced by magic. It soon turns out that it is the demon Nezha who provides this magic to strengthen the cell.

In order to strengthen his design enough to fight Superman, Hal needed an external source of magic to infuse his designs. The same applies to any Green Lantern using a ring powered by a central battery. However, since Alan Scott’s ring creates designs using the Star Heart, a mystical energy source, his designs are naturally imbued with magic. Thus, his designs themselves can withstand Superman’s attacks and cause him harm.

Superman can overcome the power of the Green Lantern by combining his will with Batman and taking control of Hal’s ring. But if Superman was alone in front of such a construction, he would not be able to escape. Similarly, if Hal Jordan had fought without Nezhi’s power, Superman could have easily penetrated his designs. Thus, if Superman fights Green Lantern one-on-one, Alan Scott will be the only one who can defeat him.