Superman, Batman and other DC heroes on the posters of films about super pets


New DC League of Super-Pets posters showcase animated heroes and villains. The film focuses on Superman’s dog, Crypto (Dwayne Johnson), who gathers a team of super–powered pets from the shelter, consisting of the indestructible hound Ace (Kevin Hart), the size-changing pig Pee-Bee (Vanessa Bayer) and the superfast turtle Merton. (Natasha Lyonne) and Electrokinetic Protein Chip (Diego Luna). Kirpto seeks to save his owner, as well as other Justice League superheroes, from the evil guinea pig Lulu (Kate McKinnon). While the DC League of Super-Pets trailers have mostly focused on the adventures of the main animals, now tease its iconic human characters as well.

The official DC League of Super-Pets Twitter account shared colorful posters depicting animated versions of the heroes and villains of the Justice League movie. Images offer a glimpse of Clark Kent/Superman John Krasinski, Bruce Wayne/Batman Keanu Reeves, Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern Dasha Polanco, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman Jamila Jamil, Arthur Curry /Aquaman Jemaine Clement, Lois Lane Olivia Wilde, John Barry Allen/Flash Early and Victor Stone/Cyborg David Diggs. Interestingly, Marc Maron’s villain, Lex Luthor, also got his own poster indicating that his role in the animated film is bigger than expected.

It has already been established that by the end of the film Ace, Peewee, Merton and Chip will become pets of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. However, since the DC League of Super-Pets also dedicates posters to other superheroes, such as Cyborg and Aquaman, it seems that they will also get their own companion animals, one of which is supposedly the mysterious Pegasus, and the other is possibly an unknown character voiced by Sonic. Ben Schwartz from The Hedgehog. Also, the movie seems to attach a lot of importance to Lex Maron, so it’s possible that the antagonist will be somehow connected to the evil Lulu, and she can capture the heroes of the Justice League on his orders. Of course, although this is just a guess, more details will be known from the new DC League of Super-Pets trailers and promotional materials before its release in July.