SuperM reveals first teasers for 100, their new single


SuperM publishes the first images of ‘100’, the first single from the record material ‘Super One’. At the beginning of August 2020, the singers and rappers of SuperM announced their return to the stage with a new album, ‘Super One’ is the first extended album of the K-pop band.

Taemin, Kai, Baekhyun, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, and TEN revealed their plans for their comeback project, SM Entertainment idols will be releasing two singles, the first will be released in August and the other in September.

Artist fans will be able to enjoy the ‘Super One’ production on September 25, 2020, SuperM’s musical work will be available on all digital platforms.

Through SuperM’s social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, the first teaser images for the single ‘100’ were published, the group’s 7 idols wear outfits reminiscent of professional car racers.

The range of the photographs is in red, black and white. The SuperM members also changed their hair color, Taemin sports blonde hair, Kai’s, Lucas, and TEN’s hair is black, while Mark sports purple highlights, Baekhyun has a blue color, and Taeyong ventured into a two-color style.

The different teasers excited the SuperM fandom, netizens showed all their love in the comments of the publications, ensuring that they are looking forward to more music from the boys.

A few days ago, SuperM also shared 7 videos of the “Super One: Says” saga, where the members talk about the new era of the group and what their followers can expect from this record material.

SuperM will premiere the MV of the song ‘100’ on August 14, with this activity the band’s activities begin for the international promotion of their first full-length album ‘Super One’.

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