SuperM is Number 1 On The “Artist 100” List


On October 18 it has been revealed that SuperM has reached the number 1 spot on the Artist 100 charts, being the second Korean group in history to achieve it.

Check out the fan comments below:

# 1 on Billboard 200 and not on Hot 100 !! This is a new story, right? Congratulations.

I wish they didn’t get stuck in K-pop anymore. I hope that Korea is not the image of a country that does not value the process and does not hesitate to do anything for honor and money. I’m really disappointed with the way SM did it

If you look at album sales, you can see how many real buyers and fans there are … It is clear that album sales really affect Billboard 200, but their record is thanks to Korean packages and fans. A complete graphic, but the transmission and radio are low. They can’t even be in Hot 100. The packages are the latest. This is the most controversial disk

Bangtan is more amazing … ㄷㄷ It’s great that Bangtan is number 1 on Billboard thanks to his American songs and fans without the company’s momentum with packages like that. Truly amazing …

Most fans in Korea bought it. Amazing … How are you number 1 like that?

This is the first time that the number 1 singer on Billboard 200 but not on Hot 100;

You don’t write articles about criticism of foreign media … Foreign media strongly criticizes SuperM ..

No. 1 BTS Billboard without packages … The New York Times was worried that SuperM would distort music lists … Forbes said SuperM didn’t do well on any table other than Billboard 200 … K-The People’s fans criticized the SM method … Nicki Minaj criticized SuperM … K-Pop critics fear that K-pop will lose credibility in the US market … Seriously, they are jealous of BTS’s success , BLACKPINK, MONSTA X and Seventeen.

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