SuperM arrived to conquer the world! After making their debut with ‘Jopping’, the band began to gain popularity in different countries, as well as in social networks. In a very short time, idols have begun to create their own history and have already broken several records, one of them happened on Twitter. Continue reading to know all the details!

A few days ago, the SuperM guys experimented with Blueroom, the special Twitter format for making live broadcasts. The live of the South Korean band managed to gather a large number of fans at the same time.

On October 7, SuperM made history and managed to break a new record on Twitter by reaching 2 million views in its broadcast, half of them happened live. The South Korean band has positioned itself as the first to achieve this achievement in Blueroom.

In this video, the band had the opportunity to interact with their fans and many can not wait for the moment when the idols perform a live more. The live broadcast of SuperM is, so far, the most watched in the history of Twitter and Blueroom. Congratulations!

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