SuperM announces the launch of Super One, its first …


The 7 SuperM guys revealed some details of their comeback with the album ‘Super One’. SuperM is a band made up of various Korean pop stars: SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, NCT 127’s Taeyong and Mark, WayV’s Lucas and TEN, the rappers and singers debuted with the song ‘Jopping’ in October of the year. 2019.

The comeback of SuperM, the company group S.M. Entertainment will return to the stage with their first full-length record material called ‘Super One’.

SuperM’s social networks such as Twitter and Instagram published a promotional poster of some activities of the group, the idols of SuperM will share two singles before the premiere of their album.

The track ‘100’ will be released on August 14, while fans will be able to enjoy the song ‘Tiger Inside’ on September 1, the full production of the album ‘Super One’ will be released on September 25.

Inside the image you can see a sports car and the legend: ‘Never fall. Never quit. Never stop. Go 100 ’:

Never fall. Never give up. Never stop. Let’s go to 100

It is speculated that the phrase belongs to the single ‘100’. The SuperM logo also underwent some modifications, it looks like a badge of a car brand, in silver and shiny.

SuperM fans did not hesitate to express their emotion for the group’s next comeback, on different social platforms they sent messages of support, waiting for the surprises that the group is preparing.



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