“Supergirl’s War on Vampires” reimagines Her as a Violent street hero


While the war with the undead is raging, Supergirl reinvents herself as a violent street hero. Option for DC vs. Vampires #10 shows Kara Zor-El wounded, but confident when she wields a sword, which the character has been familiar with lately.

In an Elseworlds-style story, DC vs. Vampires, the classic comic book universe that fans know, and love has gone into darkness, and the wave of vampirism has spread. Vampire King Dick Grayson launched a full-scale attack on his former friends, turning some into his followers and killing others, such as Batman. In thrall to Dick are some of the most powerful DCU heroes, such as Wonder Woman and Superman. Meanwhile, the remaining heroes are trying to stay alive and figure out how they can reverse the situation and prevent the undead from conquering the world.

Among the many heroes who are still fighting a good fight, there is also a Supergirl, but the new cover shows that the battle is taking its toll. In Nathan Sherdy’s version for DC vs. Vampires #10 shows that Kara Zor-El suffered several horrific injuries with bloody cuts on her legs, arms and torso. Supergirl wields a sword now that vampires have shrouded the world in darkness, depriving her of strength and healing abilities. The synopsis for the upcoming release sounds like things could get even worse for Supergirl and others before they get better.:

The war for Earth is taking a decisive turn, the heroes are preparing to strike back! Will Supergirl and her team in Australia be able to escape into space? Will the invasion of birds of prey in Gotham City go unnoticed by the Vampire King? Will the Green Arrow be able to save human cattle from the Bloody Farm? Shocking answers are waiting!

In the miniseries “Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow”, the hero visibly uses a sword, so this sight becomes frequent for Kara. While fans may be used to seeing Superman’s cousin demonstrate a similar set of abilities, the idea of a Supergirl wielding a sword is quickly being introduced into the public consciousness. Perhaps these images can signal that a new era is coming for the hero, a little more street-like, where Supergirl can create a new identity for herself.

It is difficult for a character to share most of his heroic personality with a larger and more famous entity. Perhaps Supergirl’s cousin, Superman, is the most popular hero of all time, and it would be difficult for any hero to break out of such a big shadow. But obviously, Supergirl doesn’t have to have the same abilities as Clark to be a hero. Several TV series present her as a person equally strong and determined in her heroism, when her flight and laser eyes are taken away, even when she faces terrible difficulties. The sword may not suit Kara with her standard set of powers, but for a more down-to-earth Supergirl, it’s a symbol that she’s still a force to be reckoned with.


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