Supergirl will never become a “Superwoman” for one dark reason


Maybe the day will come when Kara Zor-El will be ready to leave the mantle of Supergirl forever, but switching to “Superwoman” may not be so easy. Despite the fact that this is the most obvious choice, the mantle of Superwoman has a rather dark history, unsuitable for a hero like Kara.

After surviving the destruction of Krypton and eventually making it to Earth, Kara discovered that her little cousin was now a grown man and the number one protector on the planet. Like Superman, Kara developed her powers thanks to the yellow rays of the sun and became a hero, just like Clark. Supergirl and Superman have been protecting Earth together for years, and what started out as two Kryptonian heroes eventually turned into an entire family. During this time, Supergirl has seen other people acquire new personalities as they grow up, such as when John Kent gave up the title of Superboy to take the name Superman in record time.

But if Kara has existed for so long, why does she still bear the name Supergirl, and not Superwoman, a name more appropriate for her age? As it turned out, this name has a particularly dark baggage. This fact became known in Supergirl #40 by Sterling Gates and Jamal Eagle. After the Bottle City of Kandor was resurrected, Kara came into contact with a powerful woman who wore the shield “S” of the Super Family and called herself Superwoman. Although Kara is unsure of the stranger’s identity, the stress of the growing tension between Earth and the New Krypton forces Supergirl to confess to Superwoman. However, unbeknownst to Kara, the Superwoman is actually Major Lucy Lane (Lois Lane’s younger sister), who acted on the orders of her father, General Sam Lane, as part of his plans to neutralize the Kryptonian threat. As a Superwoman, Lucy voluntarily used her powers to kill innocent people as part of the operation.

Of course, Lucy is not the first evil Superwoman. Even before Sister Lois Lane tried on the mantle, a woman named Dana Dearden dubbed herself Superwoman in an attempt to win the favor of the Man of Steel, but turned around when her feelings were not reciprocated. But perhaps the most famous use of the Superwoman’s name belongs to the analogue of Wonder Woman from Earth-3, who turned out to be as bad as Diana the righteous.

Needless to say, the name of the Superwoman has a rather complicated past. Although Kara assumes an identity in DC’s Future State, it doesn’t change the dark history surrounding the mantle. Although Superwoman is a good future name for Supergirl, an annoying toxicity is added to this name. People like Lucy Lane and the villain from Earth-3 took the noble prefix “Super” and used it to commit some heinous acts that no one wearing the symbol of the House of El would ever commit. Unfortunately, Kara, in fact, was deprived of her natural progress only because some villains were the first to learn the name. But she deserves a better personality, one that wasn’t shared with the villains. In an ideal world Supergirl could have been a Superwoman, but too many bad guys ruined her name.


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