Supergirl became an icon of the 90s in the hidden art of Shazam


Warning! Small spoilers for the New champion of Shazam! #1!

It looks like Supergirl has an amazing new role in the latest Shazam comic. Artist Evan “Doc” Sheiner has very carefully reviewed the premiere issue of “The New Champion of Shazam No. 1”, in which the Girl of Steel is presented in a campaign familiar to book lovers all over the world.

She may not be as praised as her cousin Superman, but Kara Zor-El is as much a hero as the Big Blue Boy Scout. Ever since she arrived on Earth, Kara has tried to live up to the same standards that Clark Kent set. Although Supergirl’s reputation isn’t as brilliant as Superman’s, that doesn’t stop her from trying her best to be an inspiring hero. In fact, the young heroes even look at Kara with respect and see her as a kind of superhero worthy of being a role model.

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For example, Mary Bromfield and Darla Dudley from the Shazam family seem to appreciate Kara’s heroism. In the first issue of the new Shazam Champion! #1, sharp-eyed readers may have seen the poster hanging on Mary and Darla’s bedroom wall before the former goes to college. The poster depicts Supergirl in a parody of the American Library Association’s READ advertising campaign. Although this image was difficult to see in the comic itself, series artist Evan “Doc” Scheiner took a closer look at the poster. On Twitter, Sheiner thanked fans for their support of the first episode of the series and presented the full version as a special gift for “Sheiner’s comrades, the children of the 90s.” The poster depicts a confident Kara Zor-El reading a book, and like any other READ poster, Supergirl reads “for American libraries.”

Thank you so much for the kind welcome you gave yesterday to the New Champion of Shazam #1, guys. Here’s a bonus that you can barely make out in the book — the Supergirl poster in Mary and Darla’s room that I made for my childhood friends of the 90s:

— Doc Sheiner (@DocShaner) August 3, 2022

The American Library Association has been producing READ posters since the mid-80s, and by the 90s they were everywhere in schools, libraries, wherever they wanted to popularize the joy of reading among young minds. While there were celebrities and well-known public figures in the real world, it is quite logical that in DCU several caring heroes would like to provide their image for such an important cause. The Sheiner poster not only recognizes Kara’s big heart, but also portrays her as the icon she definitely is.

While Superman may get the lion’s share of the attention, Kara more than deserves to be depicted on a READ-style poster. Her nonsense and perseverance made Supergirl a hero worth looking up to. She is one of those figures in which young people can easily see themselves and model her relentless determination. Kara’s courage and her desire to help make her the best person able to capture the fun spirit of the READ campaign in the DC universe.

This is naturally consistent with the heroine’s desire to help and makes her an excellent role model for children. The Shiner poster in The New Champion of Shazam! is the perfect way to have fun in the 90s style and present Supergirl as a modern DC icon.


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