Supergirl: Arrowverse series will end in 2021


The CW surprisingly announces the cessation of production of the Kryptonian superheroine after the next premiere of the sixth season, scheduled for 2021.

Supergirl, one of the many television series belonging to the Arrowverse of The CW and DC, will come to an end after the premiere of the next season 6. This has been announced by Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Productions, a decision that has been made together the parties involved, including The CW and Melissa Benoist herself, an actress who has played Kara / Supergirl in recent years.

Premiere scheduled in 2021 with 20 episodes

The exact reasons for the end of the Supergirl series have not been clarified, although factors such as a declining audience or the difficulties of producing a series of these characteristics in times of global pandemic are discussed among those responsible. Be that as it may, filming will start next week in Vancouver, Canada, with the later incorporation of its protagonist, Melissa Benoist, due to her pregnancy.

This last season is expected to have a total of 20 episodes and to premiere during the first half of 2021, on a date yet to be specified; the actress herself has shared a message of thanks after the news was made public: “To say that it has been an honor to play this iconic character would be an understatement. Seeing the incredible impact the show has had on young women around the world has always honored me and left me speechless, ”says Benoist.


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