Supergirl: all about the series’ 6th season premiere


The 6th season of Supergirl arrived with a breath that we might not have been expecting. Although the 5th season ended with a cliffhanger, there is no doubt that the debut episode of the final season of the series has already started at an electrifying pace, characteristic of most DC productions. With Kara banished to the Phantom Zone, how will she deal with the entities that suck her energy?

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More details on the premiere of the 6th season of Supergirl

The DC series came back with a bang and started right after the final events of Season 5. Supergirl’s mission is still to prevent Lex from becoming the Anti-Monitor. She managed to defeat Gamamnae, revive Brainy and even reverse all the damage after Lex used the Obsidian to brainwash the majority of the population.

However, this did not happen without sacrifice. Kara was sent back to the Phantom Zone and left her friends responsible for taking care of things and trying to bring her back.

Ghosts are known to mess with people’s heads, so their banishment will be a real test of their abilities. In the real world, the Super Friends keep trying to find her, but to no avail. They cover up her disappearance at CatCo, but are running out of time to avoid the repercussions of Kara’s disappearance.

Before that, however, there are some points that we also need to consider. Kara and Lena are reunited – even for a short time – and that was a comforting moment in the midst of so many battles.

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Also, in the last season of Supergirl, Kara was comforted that Nia and Dreamer were powerful enough to deal with some of the villains. According to her, this would be a chance to be able to take a few days off as a superhero. The problem is that Nia never had to take the reins of the situation for a long time and we still don’t know when Kara will be able to get back from the Phantom Zone.

Lex has also proven to be a formidable villain and the development of the situation will be an interesting aspect in the last season of the series. So we can’t wait to see how the team will handle things without Kara’s help and whether she’ll stay well and stable to come back with all her powers and finally defeat Lex.


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