Supergirl 6×2: Kara tries to escape the Phantom Zone


Supergirl drew a parallel too close to reality in the case of the trial of Lex Luthor. After all, the jury’s decision served as further proof of what rich, white men can achieve, even when it comes to getting rid of horrendous crimes that everyone knows they’ve committed. Meanwhile, Kara has an amazing reunion in the Phantom Zone.

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More details of the 6×2 episode of Supergirl

After being trapped in the Phantom Zone after stopping Lex Luthor’s plans, Kara is in one of the biggest predicament of her career as a DC superhero. However, this is not the only problem of the episode.

In National City, the super-friends are at Lex’s trial, in which he decided to be his own lawyer. It was to be expected that, after being portrayed so many times on television, Luthor would have no chance of winning in court. However, that is not exactly what happens.

His speech is simple: Lena and Eve are women dissatisfied with their own lives and who pursued a man whose sole purpose was to be powerful. As spectators, we can see how absurd it is. However, it seems that Supergirl addressed problematic issues in our own reality, in which clearly condemnable crimes go unpunished by the fragility of the judicial system.

As significant as this defeat is, the super-friends remain determined to rescue Kara from the Phantom Zone. William and Nia are responsible for defeating Lex Luthor, following Kara’s journalistic ideas to end her image through the press. Meanwhile, Andrea and Lena try to be understanding, following Supergirl’s legacy of compassion.

In the Phantom Zone, Kara is dealing with some of her biggest fears. She meets her father in this other dimension, discovering that he went there voluntarily to have a chance to continue living. However, the area is a terrifying place, and perhaps death would be a more merciful destination.

Zor-El has been trapped in the Phantom Zone for years and has already lost any hope of leaving there. However, Kara is determined and, even though haunted by traumatic memories from the past, she still believes that they will make it out of there and has faith in her friends outside.

In general, the episode of the DC series sinned by focusing more on the judgment of Lex than on the mourning of super friends by losing Kara and even on their own journey in the Phantom Zone. As the 6th season of Supergirl is also the last of the series, we can’t help but hope that the next episodes will be able to change the direction of the series so that all the characters have a good ending.

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