Superboy from “Red Hood” and “Suicide Squad” should be the next DC super-son


The Super Sons are one of the most beloved teams in DC comics, along with the Batman and Superman duo “The Best in the World”, and the next version of the team should appear Red Hood and Superboy Clone, Match. The Super-Sons originally appeared as slightly younger versions of Batman and Superman on the pages of World’s Finest Comics during the Silver Age of Comics, known only as Bruce Wayne Jr. and Clark Kent Jr. Today, the Super-Sons are most widely known as John Kent’s Superboy and Damian Wayne’s Robin, but a recent crossover in Superman: Son of Kal-El and Nightwing introduced Superman John Kent and Dick Grayson as DC’s “best sons of the world.” And while every version of Super-Sons has been amazing so far, Red Hood and Match provide an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

Red Hood and Match aren’t obvious choices for Super-Sons, probably because they don’t have the happiest origins in superhero comics. Red Hood began his career as Batman’s second Robin, Jason Todd, and his life was tragically cut short when he was killed by the Joker. Resurrected, decades later he reappeared in Gotham with a plan to usurp control of the criminal underground and kill the Joker himself. Today, the Red Hood has left behind his deadly methods and use of weapons, but he remains an avenger, haunted by questions of redemption and a desire to redeem the past. The origin of the Match is also heartbreaking, as he was cloned from Superboy Conner (Con-Al) Kent, which becomes even more frustrating considering Conner was cloned from Superman and Lex Luthor. Unlike Conner, the Match is more unstable, and he slips to Bizarro’s speech levels without the additions that endow him with the intelligence and demeanor of his predecessor. Recently, Match appeared in Suicide Squad, where he made the horrifying discovery that he wasn’t really Conner Kent’s Superboy.

Little Red Riding Hood and Match are an unlikely couple for the next Super—Sons, which is why they are perfect for this role. Both characters had to face the fact that they could not match their predecessors, as well as pave their own way from the old titles they once wore. Jason Todd would never be able to match Dick Grayson, while the Match is too unstable without medical intervention to “pass” in society like Conner Kent, but that doesn’t mean their differences don’t deserve attention. In their own way, Red Hood and Match have reinforced the mantles of Robin and Superboy with their own emotional stakes that remind fans that existence in the DC universe is not just about entertainment and games.

Due to the fact that DC Comics is currently hosting a “Dark Crisis” event, a Super-Sons team with a Match and a Red Hood has never been more appropriate. Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice League are dead, and DC heroes are struggling to take the place of their mentors. As the name suggests, the dark circumstances of the “Dark Crisis” make the team of the “Super Son” of the Red Hood and the Match appropriate, because both characters are primarily alienated from the inspiring contexts of the “Best in the World” DC. And while both of their origin stories are tragic, Red Hood and Match have found ways to come to terms with the people they have become by making their iteration of Super-Sons something that can deeply heal.

Batman and Superman have inspired generations of other superheroes in the DC universe, but it’s time for their troubled younger family members to get a chance to create their own best in the world. The Titans United series teased the Red Hood and Superboy team, but the shocking arc of the Suicide Squad match proves that the Superboy clone has creative potential that is too good to be overlooked. In any case, Red Hood and Match succeed when they are given the opportunity to tell the emotional truth that Batman and Superman never divulge, and teaming them up as Super Sons will give them the opportunity they have always deserved.