Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wins a Tournament Filled With Chaos and Fun


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is usually extremely exciting, leaving viewers holding their breath to find out which of the best players in the world will take home the title. But what if an extra touch of chaos is added to make it all more electrifying? Well, YouTuber Alpharad had this idea, and the result was phenomenal. Check it out below:

With big names in the game – Marsss, MKLeo, Aaron, Void, Cosmos, Kola, Charliedaking and Riddles – the competition featured maps recreated randomly by hand and that had special modifications, such as: portals, lava blocks and switches that activated the movement of the scenery.

And while the re-creation of Pok√©mon Stadium seemed to be a competitor’s favorite because it was relatively the most normal, it was Battlefield’s altered version, called Portalfield, that really shined. Looking straight out of a nightmare, the map retained its basic form, but with a central portal that teleported characters to an area below with a lava block.

And of course, let’s not forget Portalville, the utterly chaotic setting in which the last fight was fought, filled with portals to make anyone sick, as well as lava blocks and other dreadful additions.

The Alpharad tournament seems to serve as a good reminder that before serving competitive purposes, the games are mainly there to entertain us, whether it’s casual matches with your friends or following the best in the world enjoying a relaxed moment on maps that don’t. less sense.

So, what did you think of this competition? Let us know in the comments section!


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