Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Steve winning pose changes


The character appeared in a compromising position that has soon spread through social networks as a meme. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was launched in 2018, but throughout these two years it has been updated with numerous content, both free and paid.

Thanks to the two volumes of the Fighter Pass, several extra characters have joined the video game’s roster of fighters. Among the new additions are Steve and Alex, both Minecraft characters. The protagonist of this story is the first of them, basically because Nintendo has decided to modify his victory pose. But why?

Steve carries a piece of meat in his hands, but the unfortunate scene projects a “not what it seems” from a book. The composition of the sequence shows the piece of meat in a way that is immediately reminiscent of an erect penis. The players have not been slow to realize it and it has soon spread like wildfire through the network. Be that as it may, those in Kyoto have acted promptly and have already changed it so that there are no more misunderstandings.

Update 9.0.1

This is not the only change from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update 9.0.1, which is now available for download. In addition to the revamped sequence, changes related to the movements of this new fighter have been implemented. Still, curiously, the patch notes do not make any reference to the aforementioned piece of meat.

To update the game to the latest version it is necessary to have the console connected to the Internet. Once we make sure that this is the case, click + on the icon of the title of our Nintendo Switch, to then click on Update.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has already announced two of the six fighters that will make up this Fighter Pass Vol. 2, nothing more and nothing less than Min-Min, from ARMS, and Steve / Alex, from Minecraft. This season pass costs 29.99 euros and will be the last. The characters can also be purchased separately.


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