Super Smash Bros.: 8 Unpopular Opinions about Games, according to Reddit


Super Smash Bros. — one of the flagship franchises of Nintendo, beloved by fans of fighting games. The series remains relevant and influential in modern pop culture, having recently appeared in the popular Disney+ MCU series “Miss Marvel”, securing its place in the history of games.

However, not everyone is a fan of the series, and even those who have rather unpopular opinions about mass crossover games. These fans take to Reddit to express their conflicting opinions about the franchise, receiving a lot of negative votes, but often finding others who think the same.

Justice for Lucas

Lucas is one of two characters in the Earthbound franchise. He appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and remained in the line-up in Ultimate. His attacks are similar to those of Nessus, which explains why he is usually inferior to his more famous comrade Smasher with the same strength.

However, Reddit user LearnlyAd3 believes that Lucas is better than Ness, but “does not have enough representation to get the results of the tournament.” He supports his statement by claiming that Lukas’ PK Freeze is better than Ness’ PK Flash, while at the same time assuring that Lukas’ PK Fire can kill instantly. Another user ja2854 disagrees.

Justice for Snake!

There are several critically acclaimed games in the Metal Gear Solid series, making its star, Solid Snake, one of the most famous video game characters. His appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been well received by fans, although its overall performance in games is not particularly popular.

The main complaint is that the Snake is not very versatile, and its set of movements is boring. However, Reddier user Epoch_Phaile thinks otherwise, stating that most viewers “do not understand the complexity of various matches (Snake).” Perhaps the user has understood something, but he needs to convince something before the main fans come.

No more outsourcing

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has added many incredible DLC characters, creating a truly chaotic list of fighters. Everything is here: from Pacman to Megaman, Mario, Samus and everyone in between. This embarrassment of riches reinforces the feverish atmosphere of the franchise’s trademark, creating dynamic, bombastic and truly uncontrollable fights.

However, not all fans like the variety, or at least not what is currently available. Reddit user beckert26 believes that Smash should include more characters from its own franchises, rather than “branching out into third-party fighters.” The user makes a fair point, but most of the success of Smash is due to the utter chaos that it exudes, and this comes from its unique combination of characters. I would like more Zelda characters, but not at the expense of the Joker.

Respect Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog made his franchise debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and returned to Ultimate. All of his moves are based on speed—after all, he has to be very fast—but they lack the versatility that other characters have.

But Redditor Sharuken7 thinks that Sonic is “fun to watch.” He got a great response from Reddit colleague King Dedede, who accurately stated that only Sonic mains thinks Sonic is “fun to watch.” Other users agreed with Didide, giving his post 21 votes more than Sharuken’s original. It’s hard to post unpopular opinions on Reddit!

A little good old-fashioned hate

Critics and fans usually agree that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best fighting games in the genre. Its unique premise combined with its striking design and hectic and addictive gameplay sets it apart from millions of other fighting games available.

However, not everyone is a fan, and Redditor Bob_the_9000 is an excellent proof. The user thinks that “the game is not that good”, stating that the combo is limited and the recovery is “very [sic] very good”. The goal of the game is to kick, throw or blow the characters off the stage, so, logically, recovery will be good. However, enough damage will make it easier to send them flying, so it looks like this user is barking up the wrong tree. In addition, their complaints that most of the characters feel too “mannered” give the impression that they don’t understand the franchise.

Meta Knight… Is it bad?

Kirby is often considered one of Nintendo’s most powerful characters. His power extends to his minor characters, and King Dididi and Meta Knight occupy high places in the lists of Smash levels. In particular, Meta Knight, many players consider him one of the best fighters in the franchise.

However, Reddit user Nebunera doesn’t think Meta Knight is good at all. “He literally feels like a Sheik with a sword,” the user says, trying to support his opinion. There are similarities between Meta Knight and Shiek, enhanced by their incredible speed, but they have completely different sets of movements, which further casts doubt on the user’s opinion.