Super Rich, BTS member Jin Has Black Card from Hyundai


BTS members and staff celebrate Suga’s birthday which falls on March 9 by having dinner together. On that occasion, the oldest BTS member, Jin, paid their food bill.

It was uploaded to BTS’s Twitter account, with a video showing Jin pulling out his credit card, with the caption “Yey! Jin paid for our meal and also the staff. Thank you Sis.”

In the video, Jin stands in front of the cashier and pays 878,000 Won (around Rp.10.49 million) with his credit card, which turns out to be a black card from Hyundai, a card for those who are super rich.
The card can only be obtained by invitation. Cardholders must be personally approved by Hyundai Card’s vice president and seven members of the board of directors.

The card holder must have an income and savings of 100 billion Won (around Rp1, 196 trillion), and must pay an annual membership fee of 2 million Won (around Rp23.92 million). (Lin)

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