Super powerful Katherine Heigl in Firefly Lane!


Katherine Heigl will be making her comeback on the small screen. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will soon discover her in Firefly Lane.

After several years of absence, Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy is back. The actress will soon star in a Netflix series called Firefly Lane. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

Katherine Heigl is finally back on the small screen. The actress first rose to prominence several years ago in the series Grey’s Anatomy. She put herself in the shoes of Izzie, a young woman who becomes an intern at the hospital with Meredith and Alex. The latter has experienced many adventures and fans loved this colorful character.

Izzie was treated to her fair share of drama, be it her cancer, the death of one of her patients and lover. So, that her brutal break with Alex Karev. Then, she was not always easy to live and the fans were especially saddened by her departure in season 6. The young woman ended up dropping the medicine and the fans have not heard from her again.

So, Katherine Heigl kept quiet after leaving Grey’s Anatomy. After the surprise appearance of Patrick Dempsey and T. R. Knight in Season 17, fans are hoping to see this character again on screen. Still, the actress still seems to have a busy schedule as she will star in a Netflix series.

Very soon, fans will be able to see the actress again in a whole new world. The latter will star in the series Firefly Lane on Netflix and we tell you more about this new comedy full of twists.

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Katherine Heigl has left Grey’s Anatomy aside and is reluctant to make a comeback. The 42-year-old actress will soon be embarking on a Netflix series called Firefly Lane. The series of 10 one-hour episodes will debut on the platform on February 3. In fact, it’s adapted from Kristin Hannah’s novel.

So, in the new Netflix show, the former star of Izzie will step into the shoes of Tully Hart. Fans will discover the friendship between Tully and Kate (Sarah Chalke) over the decades. They will be able to learn how the two young girls met at Firefly Lane. Then, they will follow their many adventures.

However, the series with Katherine Heigl will also highlight a huge argument between the two characters. Indeed, one day, one of them will experience a betrayal and it could destroy their friendship forever. The public will be able to discover their history over more than 30 years.

Thus, Firefly Lane promises a good dose of drama, but also a lot of love. The Netflix series will also be touching and fans can now discover the trailer. We just have to wait a few more weeks to be able to see the episodes and judge the new series with Katherine.


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