Super People: Battle Royale Announced With New Trailer; PUGB Eempowered?


Super People: South Korean developer Wonder People this week announced its next battle royale: Super People. As the name of the game makes clear, in this new release it will be possible to face the knockout matches playing with super people.

In addition to the cinematographic trailer that you can check above, Wonder People released a video showing the gameplay of the game better. It’s in Korean, but you can understand the mechanics well, after all the battle royale genre is already widely known. And the Super People aesthetic is quite directly reminiscent of PUBG.

The big difference here, of course, is in the powers. There are 12 different classes of soldiers, some with more flashy powers like teleportation, while others are just strong enough to carry a minigun.

The main premise of the game is to include the characters’ special abilities in the process of collecting items and searching for equipment that takes place throughout battle royale. Wonder People explains that, in Super People, in addition to finding weapons and accessories for your soldier, the player will find items that enhance their powers. In addition, each character also has an “ultimate”, which must be released by collecting a certain number of special items.

Super People doesn’t have a release date yet, but Wonder People says it is getting a lot of feedback during a closed alpha of the game and is expected to release new information soon.


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