Super Nintendo World opens in spring 2021


Nintendo’s amusement park, scheduled for the Olympic Games, was delayed due to the coronavirus, but he and his cafeteria already have a new date.

The next amusement park that you are going to add to your dream trip list already has a date for its opening. We are talking, of course, about Super Nintendo World, which has just announced its opening as a new region of the Universal Park of Japan (located in the city of Osaka) for spring 2021. Although it was originally scheduled for this summer (with the intention to make it coincide with the Tokyo Olympics), the coronavirus and its vicissitudes have forced the latest shoring work to be delayed. Now without rushing, the new Nintendo attractions, restaurants and shops will open their doors around the months of March, April and May.

Mario’s cafeteria opens this October

However, there is an exception, the Mario Café & Store restaurant, whose opening is imminent and will be held on October 16 (partly because it is in another area, the Hollywood Boulevard area). This new establishment, in which the walls are made of pixels and the seats and tables are mushroom-shaped, will have an adjacent store where we will find all kinds of producers related to our favorite plumber. But not only the decoration and the store will remind us of Mario, but also the food and the coffees. We will find pancakes shaped like Luigi’s cap and bottles that look like mushrooms. Hopefully the latter do not have the same effects on us as on Mario.


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