Super Meta Everything Everywhere Easter Egg Revealed in TikTok Video


An astute fan of the game “Everything everywhere and at once” has revealed a completely new meta-Easter egg. This film is the second film directed by the duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known by the common name Daniels. It follows Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, a Chinese-American immigrant whose difficult day involving her strained relationship with her daughter and a tax check turns into a kaleidoscope of action-adventure when she is given the opportunity to use the abilities and skills of every version of herself around the world. A multiverse to combat a powerful existential threat.

“Everything everywhere and at once” was a significant success both with critics and commercially. In addition to receiving a 95% certified fresh food rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it also received an 89% audience rating. It also had a good box office, grossing a total of $94 million worldwide on a budget of $25 million, becoming the highest-grossing A24 film ever.

Recently, TikTok user Hunter Clark, working under the nickname hiddenmoviedetails (via Scott Derrickson), posted a video in which he shared a sneaky Easter egg from Everything is everywhere and at once. The video details a scene in which Evelyn’s face sweeps through dozens of different universes in a split second, showing that one of the many universes belongs to us, and shows Yeo’s face in a Zoom window edited by the team that created the film. The video was posted on Twitter by the director of “Doctor Strange” Derrickson, who introduced MCU fans to the character, who has since experienced several multiverse adventures in the films “Spider-Man: There is no Way Home” and “Doctor Strange in Space”. The multiverse of madness.

The point of this scene is that one of the many universes Evelyn is involved in is really the one in which Yeo plays her on screen. While it was certainly only included as an Easter egg to celebrate the weird pandemic-era production process the film required, it fits perfectly into the wacky multiverse canon set by the film. In the infinite multiverse, there is no limit to Evelyn’s potential, and this includes, at some level, the realization that she herself exists inside the film.

This disclosure is certainly due to the fact that “Everything Everywhere and at Once” is now available on demand and on home video. Fans have been given the opportunity to view the film in such minute detail, and it’s likely that there are many more hidden Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. Whether they will have the same universe-shaking consequences as this one remains to be seen, but, nevertheless, they will certainly be funny.