Super Mario Speedrunners have almost reached the maximum possible time

For some, games are more than just a relaxing pastime or a fascinating story. It is a kind of challenge and is not necessarily based on the vanilla experience of the game. Thanks to the high-speed event Summer Games Done Quick, which recently raised millions for charity, running is very alive and well, it involves a lot of talented players who can complete titles in record time. This is no more true than in the case of Super Mario Bros. fans, and it looks like the “perfect” launch is close to being realized.
In a recent video of the Twitch Nebula_Composer streamer, they were able to demonstrate their high-speed passing skills by completing the original Super Mario Bros. game. in just 4:54:948. According to , this is the third time someone has managed to complete the game in less than 4:55. Although this latest video is not a world record, it is milliseconds away from falling from first place. The Gamer report says that runners are now getting closer to the “fastest possible time”, dropping valuable shots with each run. Supposedly, the time to strive for is 4:54:26, which is why all three players are so close to achieving this goal.
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If someone manages to reach this ideal time, it could mean the end of high-speed races for the iconic platformer. Of course, people have other ways to challenge themselves. For example, one person managed to speed up the passage of Super Mario with one hand. With a time of 4:57:676, it’s only three seconds away from the top three records, and the fact that they were able to do it with just one hand is very impressive. Obviously, the fans are more than interested in adding something a little different to their runs. One Elden Ring player even managed to complete the game using a piano.
For those interested, there are many games suitable for speedrunning, especially for beginners. Some of them are obviously harder to master than others, but if there is a game, chances are that someone has a world record for completing it at breakneck speed. However, it takes time and dedication, and Nebula_Composer said their attempt took five months and 8,893 attempts to get to this point.
As for the most classic NES game, Super Mario is one of the most iconic games ever released, with one of the most famous entry levels of all time. Considering that it has been around for more than three and a half decades, it’s not surprising that so many people almost managed to pass this beloved platformer perfectly.
The original Super Mario Bros. It was released in 1985 for the NES.