Super Mario Bros. 3: Museum Receives PC Version Donation


Super Mario Bros. 3: Perhaps many don’t know, but in the past Id Software has worked on PC versions of several Nintendo games. One of those projects was a demo of Super Mario Bros. 3 for computer that was considered by many as something lost, but that scenario changed after a developer made a donation to the Strong National Museum of Play, in New York.

According to a museum spokesperson, the person responsible for the donation sent several games to the site in order to preserve the history of the gaming world, and among the various items was this rare demonstration of the third game by the plumber for computers.

“The person who made the donation was a game developer. This wasn’t something I expected to see among the donated items, but I was really excited after seeing the video Romero shared in 2015 [the video in question is by John Romero, who worked at Id and showed some of the phases and systems of this port. – and that’s in the window above]”, commented Andrew Borman, curator of the museum’s games sector, to the website Ars Technica.

It’s worth mentioning that, unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t decide to continue with this PC project (making Id move the efforts destined here to its version of Commander Keen), keeping these memories only for this demo that can now be preserved officially for future generations.


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