Super Mario 64 Becomes Lego In Celebration of its 25th Anniversary


Super Mario 64: The partnership between Nintendo and Lego looks successful, with the building block company announcing yet another set of the crowd’s favorite mustachioed plumber. The new set is based on the Mario 64 universe, to celebrate 25 years since the game’s release.

Embracing fanservice, this new Lego set comes inside a cube with a question mark, the same one we hit with Mario to get power-ups and coins in games.

Opening the cube, we reveal the pieces of the set. It is possible to build four different scenarios from the classic game: Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool Mountain, Peach’s Castle and Lethal Lava Trouble. Of course, being a Lego set, the idea is to let people use these pieces to create whatever they want, not just replicas of the levels.

The kit has a total of 2,064 parts, and comes with several characters in the game. We have Mario himself, accompanied by Princess Peach, a King Bob-omb, a Chain Chomp, Big Bully, Mr. I, Latiku, a penguin and a baby penguin, among others. So, yes, you can create a meme representation of throwing the baby penguin off the cliff.

“With this amazing set, we’re building on Super Mario’s exciting LEGO experience, both to bring a little nostalgia to those who played Super Mario 64, and to introduce these wonderful stages to a whole new audience of Super fans. Mario.” – declared Pablo Gonzalez, senior designer at the Lego group.


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