Super Mario 3D All-Stars shows its main menu


It is one of the products intended to celebrate the character’s 35th anniversary, which is celebrated in a year marked by the coronavirus.

35 years jumping in the Mushroom Kingdom, 35 years of technological leaps and new experiences starring the most famous mustachioed man in video games. The saga blows out the candles in an atypical year where the coronavirus has raged at ease. However, the disease has not been able to blur the anniversary of the character. One of the products that will serve as a birthday cake will be Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch, which brings together three of its most outstanding video games in 3 dimensions. Nintendo America has shared a new eight-minute video in which we can see the main menu for the first time, but also more video game footage.

Three games to remember

Super Mario 64 is the video game that marked a before and after, not only in the genre of platforms, but in the industry. A project with these characteristics had never been seen before, so all the companies took notes on how to design a 3D platform title. This influence, which The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also achieved on the same console, Nintendo 64, was reflected in Super Mario Sunshine. As a product, it was much more conservative, although it introduced the novelty of using a water pump, which allowed it to perform all kinds of special movements.

A console as innovative as Nintendo Wii had to offer a gameplay adapted to motion control, something that happened with Super Mario Galaxy, which completes the trio of games included in this compilation. Those from Kyoto have had to adapt the controls to Nintendo Switch, which is why the pointer function will be solved in a portable version thanks to the touch screen.

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Super Mario 3D-All Stars will go on sale on September 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It will do so in both digital and physical format, although its sale will be limited in time, since the compilation will be available only until March 31, 2021.


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