Super Mario 3D All-Stars games to be emulated on Switch


After the announcement of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, technical details of the collection were leaked on the internet. According to a series of tweets from OatlmealDome, a profile specialized in disseminating information from dataminers, the three titles will run through emulation on the Switch.

In this way, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine will be run from an emulator of the Wii and GameCube consoles called hagi. In this case, the software would have been created by Nintendo’s European division.

Meanwhile, Super Mario 64, another game that is part of the selection, will also use a program compatible with Nintendo 64 and the Shindou Pack ROM. Featured, it will bring textures and codes being updated in real time.

Change to original codes

Another curiosity revealed was that Super Mario Galaxy was the title that demanded more work from the devs. In this case, the original code had to be recompiled to run natively on the Switch, while the audio and the GPU will occur by emulation.

With improved resolutions and other extras, Super Mario 3D All-Star will be available for a limited time. Thus, interested players will be able to purchase the package with the three games only between September 18, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

Check out the ad trailer:

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