Super Mario 3D All-Stars , analysis


We analyze the compilation of Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy for Nintendo Switch. Quality games, lazy compilation.

Mario celebrates 35 years. And it was an open secret that Nintendo was preparing a compilation for Switch with some of the most legendary games of the plumber. The lack of a major event such as E3 and the impact of the Coronavirus on the company’s day-to-day activities meant that an announcement surely planned for before summer ended up coming to the fore a little over a week ago and nothing for its release in sight . Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy in the 3D All-Stars, following in the wake of the legendary Super Nintendo compilation. It happens like with Messi and Barça. The quality of the former is not disputed, but by itself it cannot hold a pack that is not up to par.

Because the first thing that stands out is the what and how. On the one hand, we find a pack that surely forgets its best representative (if we forget the historical component of Mario 64). Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an absence that is difficult to understand. Because it is a masterpiece. Because the compilation does not come after a job of remodeling and improving the games that has been a great job, and because if we talk about the star 3D games, your best player can never be missing. It is also surprising how: a compilation at 60 euros and for a limited time, until March 2021 both in physical and digital. A movement that pushes you to buy it now and that prevents you from thinking, in any case, of a future reduction in its price. It’s now or never. And at that price.

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One of the recurring debates in a criticism of a video game is to talk about what it brings and not what it could be. And the answer is yes, but if the objective is a 3D tribute to Mario, the absence is notorious. And the treatment of the games, could be improved. Another debate on the table is whether the classics should be retouched and if everything should be a remake. Surely the answer is no to the latter, but if current technology allows small changes that adapt the experience to the new console, in this case, Switch, it is not negligible. Maybe you don’t need Mario 64 with Oddyssey graphics, but a 16: 9 scaling wouldn’t have been bad, for example.

Because in the end, the feeling is that the games have not been treated as their legacy deserves and as the possibilities of the Nintendo Switch allow. And it has a bittersweet point. Because Mario 64 is still a historic game in the industry. And because Galaxy is plain and simple a masterpiece. And between those two waters navigates 3D All-Stars: between the genius of its games and its presence on Switch, as one who serves in bulk.


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