Super Junior’s Leeteuk receives gift on behalf of J-Hope


Super Junior’s Leeteuk receives gift on behalf of J-Hope. The idol decided to share the anecdote to thank Hobi and his family. Super Junior’s Leeteuk thanked J-Hope for the gifts his mother sent him.

Some idols, despite being from different companies, sometimes manage to establish a relationship beyond the professional. This is not the first time that the group leader receives a present from his family, we will tell you the details.

Earlier this month,Leeteuk celebrated his birth day and in one of his recent YouTube broadcasts, the idol talked about the present he received from J-Hope. Through his Instagram account, the leader of Super Junior shared a couple of photos with those present that were delivered to him by his mom instead.

Leeteuk explained in his video that he received a message from the idol,but due to BTS’ schedule he could not personally congratulate him, apparently, Leeteuk received as a gift glasses and dishes from the collection that Hobi’s sister recently launched.

In his post, the idol thanked J-Hope’s mother for showing her big heart and kindness, he also placed various hashtags like #BTS to share the anecdote. It is not the first time that his parents interact with him.

A long time ago, Leeteuk explained that he met his parents and they came to greet him, since then, both of them have had a close neighborly relationship, he even received the last Korean BTS album signed as a present, J-Hope’s mother received I change the cookbook he published.

Leeteuk assured that he wanted to share this with idol fans, as he believes that Hobi is an excellent person. The Super Junior member and his parents are neighbors because they live in the same apartment complex called “Trimage”, an exclusive area in South Korea.

Some fans shared messages on social media about the interaction between the two celebs and the gesture the J-Hope family had with him.

Recently, J-Hope was the victim of errors in production and editing of the programs, since it did not appear in the BTS VCR that was used for the Boys’ Show Case, so ARMY reported this situation to BigHit, as it They considered a lack of respect.

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