SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun premieres ‘Together’ as part of ‘Project 2021: Season 季’


SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun takes over social media with the official release of “Together”. On July 5, SUPER JUNIOR idol Cho Kyuhyun premiered “Together,” a song that is part of Project 2021: Season 季, in style and caused a stir among ELFs around the world.

The hashtags #SUPERJUNIOR, #Together_with_KYUHYUN, and # 2021PROJECT 季have taken over the timeline on Twitter since the launch of the new theme song by SJ’s maknae.

Regarding the reproductions, the MV “Together” has been adding thousands of reproductions from the YouTube platform.

And as expected, Gong Myung and Chae Soo Bin were the absolute leads. Both actors have already appeared in “On the last day” and “Coffe”

Here is the video clip of SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun’s latest hit.

According to Label SJ, “Together” is a sophisticated pop genre song, written and composed by SM’s greatest hits creator Kenzie.

It is worth mentioning that Kyuhyun presented “Together” at an online event organized by NOW for Korean viewers.

Kyuhyun’s “Together” in Spanish

From YouTube, you can turn on subtitles by Spanish in the official MV for Kyuhyun’s “Together”.

In addition to our language, English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Korean were also considered.

Glowing in the sunlight

You’re smiling brightly

Seeing you so beautiful

I ended up blinding myself

Let’s go together to the secret island Ah, Ah

Other projects by Kyuhyun

In addition to Project 2021: Season 季, SUPER JUNIOR’s Cho Kyuhyun was announced as part of the cast of the new entertainment show,Drink guys, which will be co-produced by Channel IHQ and Discovery Channel.

It will be a television space where MCs will search for attractive restaurants in the mukbang industry.

Drink guys will have the motto “Eat, drink and love.”

A Cho Kyuhyun will join as presenters, Lee Jong Hyuk, Jang Dong Min and Lee Jang Jun, the latter idol group K-pop Golden Child.


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