Super Dragon Ball Heroes made a reference to GT that only fans recognized


The Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime added a reference to the GT series, recalling one of its best moments with Goku


While the Dragon Ball Super anime remains conspicuously absent, many fans are content to just watch the spin-off known as Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The latter is based on a card arcade that is very popular in Japan.

It is simply a series for promotional purposes, but some have become fond of it. Being a production outside the main canon it has taken up elements of other productions, such as the GT series.

Dragon Ball GT is still highly remembered and loved

This is why several fans recently noticed what appears to be a reference. What happens is that Goku and Vegeta face the powerful Goku Black, who is under the transformation of Super Saiyan 3 Rosa.

With warriors like Freeza, Cooler, and Cumber joining the fray, this villain turns to Omega Shenron. This is how the Saiyans must face this rival again, which appeared in the final part of Dragon Ball GT.

To get rid of this adversary, Goku and Vegeta turned to Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in GT. Despite beating him, they could not prevent him from returning to this spin-off of the franchise.

The fact is that one of the animated sequences of the GT series was replicated and updated in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Only there are clear differences. The first that jumps out is that the one who appears is the powerful Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.

It is another of the many references of this derivative series

For the same reason, he appears in a more mature form than the little Goku who fought in Dragon Ball GT. Anyway, it seems clear that Toei Animation wanted to make a ‘wink’ to the past with that design.

Unlike the mainline anime, this spinoff doesn’t discriminate between characters. You’re tapping into the weirdest ideas, even those that appeared in OVAs or animated movies. This is why it includes several old acquaintances.

Omega Shenron is just one of them. But it also has a series of more original characters that were used differently in the past. That is the case of Fuu, who has been revealed as the great villain of history.

It is he who is causing a real disaster with the timelines. That is the reason for the appearance of several enemies that Goku and company have faced over the years, some very recent.


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