Super Bomberman R outperforms Stadia


Konami’s multiplayer game so far exclusive to Stadia will also appear on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and Switch as free to play.

Super Bomberman R Online, the battle royale based on such a mythical video game franchise so far exclusive to Stadia, will make the leap to PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch soon as a free to play title. This was announced by Konami, confirming that its online game for up to 64 players will leave its exclusivity with the Google streaming platform to become a new multiplatform F2P.

Still no multiplatform release date

Thus, soon anyone who is not a Google Stadia user will be able to try the frantic game formula of such a particular online battle royale for up to 64 simultaneous players; and also, completely free, unlike the original version of Stadia that is paid. Of course, at the moment a specific launch date has not been announced and Konami encourages us to stay tuned for future announcements about its availability in the digital stores of each new platform on which Super Bomberman R Online will appear.

Of course, although it will be distributed as a free to play game so that everyone can play at no cost, a premium pack with a price of 9.99 euros will also be made available to players, in order to access the full of characters, game modes and title options. So much so, that this pack will give access to the 14 characters included in the game, among which are familiar faces from other Konami sagas such as Silent Hill, Metal Gear or Castlevania.

In addition, the premium pack also gives access to private rooms for 16 players with the rules of the game for the normal 64-player mode, rooms with the Grand Prix mode with teams of three against three and much more. Be that as it may, we will still have to wait to know the final release date of Super Bomberman R Online on the rest of the platforms.


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