Super Ball League in Pokémon GO: prizes and schedule


We tell you everything you need to know about the Pokémon GO Super Ball League with its dates and times, changes, news, awards and much more.

We are already immersed in the expected Pokémon Go Fest 2020 and for this reason, the Niantic title is constantly receiving news. One of them is the one announced by the company a few days ago with the end of Season 2 of the GO Fighting League and the presentation of the characteristics and keys of Season 3, which arrives from Monday, July 27 at 22h CEST (peninsular time in Spain). Below we explain everything you need to know about this first phase of the Super Ball League, in addition to remembering that we have offered you a series of tips to beat the leaders of Team GO Rocket in the title for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Super Ball League dates and times

Date and time: The Super Ball League will take place from Monday, July 27 at 10pm CEST until Monday, August 10 at 10pm CEST.

Therefore, from the night of this same Monday, July 27 until next August 10, that is, within two weeks, we can enjoy the Super Ball League in Pokémon GO.

All Super Ball League awards

After reading the comments of the coaches, from Niantic they have decided to eliminate the function that allowed to fight until winning in Season 3. In addition, the guaranteed reward encounters will be somewhat different currently. In each listed range, we will meet these Pokémon:

  • Pidgeot from rank 1.
  • Galar zigzagoon starting at rank 4.
  • Galar Farfetch’d from rank 7.
  • Rufflet from rank 8.
  • Scraggy from rank 9.
  • Free Pikachu from rank 10.
  • Upon reaching rank 10, we will get a new pose and items for the avatar.
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On the premium reward tracks we will now get Rare Candy after the fourth victory. The number of Rare Candies received will be reduced from eight to six.

Trainers who complete Season 3 at Rank 7 or higher will receive an Elite Charged Attack MT instead of an Elite Rapid Attack MT. Apart from this modification, the end of season rewards will remain the same as in Season 2.


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