Sunset’s Maya Vander Sale Says Work is a “Healthy Distraction” After Giving Birth to a Stillborn Baby


Power through. Maya Vander is in the “healing process” six months after giving birth to a stillborn son.

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“I have women (who may go through something like this) asking me how I feel after stillbirth and pregnancy loss and how I can continue to move forward in my daily life,” the Selling Sunset star captioned an Instagram post. shared on Thursday, June 16. “Everyone copes with loss in their own way, but for me, the key is to stay busy-a healthy distraction always keeps me going.”

Vander’s “advice” for those with similar experiences was to “get to work” and “communicate with people,” and also encouraged her followers to “get their body moving” and “talk to someone” to help alleviate the effects of grief.

“I know the pain of loss won’t heal overnight, but today is a great day to start or continue the healing process,” concluded Vander, who has son Aiden, 3, and daughter Elle, 2, with husband David Miller. .

The Netflix star announced on Instagram in December 2021 that she had suffered a stillbirth after sharing news of her pregnancy in July. “I’ve always heard about it, but I never thought I’d be part of the statistics,” she wrote at the time.

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The real estate agent shared more details about the tragedy during the reunion of the fifth season of Selling Sunset, which was released on Netflix on May 6. “I was 38 weeks old and obviously it was an accident. We received the autopsy report about a month ago,” she shared with the presenter of Tan France. “It was just an accident with [the umbilical cord] mixed with the swallowed placenta. But I feel much better. And you know, I have a husband. He’s great. My kids are great. They, you know, support me, and I have a job and I’m busy, so I don’t have time to sit and cry all day.”

As the conversation continued, Vander noted that “time” helped her get rid of the traumatic experience and that all her colleagues at Sunset Sales were “so kind” throughout the process. “You know, life happens,” she added.

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Vander also told Us Weekly after the incident that she “didn’t have crazy symptoms” while carrying baby #3. “A few days ago, I felt less movement,” she recalls. “I went for a private ultrasound and everything was fine and looked fine. …I gave birth to a normal baby who looked like he was sleeping. It will haunt me forever.”

Despite the fact that the native of Israel admitted that she still has “moments of life”, eventually she hoped to raise awareness about pregnancy loss and support other parents who have experienced a similar experience. “I feel like I inspire women, and I think it’s good for women to know that they’re not alone.”