Sunset’s Krisshell Stous talks about her Recent Real Estate Sales: “It’s not a ton of deals”


The reality of real estate. Having made a lot of profitable deals on Selling Sunset, Krischel Stause honestly told how her real estate sales have changed and why she doesn’t mind the lull.

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“As of June, I have concluded seven real estate transactions. It’s not a ton of deals. Obviously, I could do a lot more if that was my only goal, but it’s not,” the 41—year-old actress said in an interview with W Magazine published on Tuesday, August 16. “I try to take on only the work that will be filmed in the series or attract people with whom I have worked in the past.”

Staus, who appeared in soap operas before her debut in Selling Sunset in 2019, is looking forward to a change of pace. “I’m really excited that I can get into acting a little bit and do something before we come back. In any case, I will never work well from nine to five,” she added.

According to the Kentucky native, working at the Oppenheim Group has had its ups and downs since they started filming the popular Netflix series.

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“It’s harder to do work in the office now because there are always people there trying to take pictures and knocking on the door,” Staus said. “It’s very nice, but you can’t do the job. So when I really have a job, I usually do it at home. You have to come in knowing that you will be shaking hands and kissing babies, because now we are part of a star tour that goes around in circles.”

During the interview, the All My Children graduate spoke about the lessons she learned from documenting her working life. “It’s important to remember that nothing is too serious. I’m already going to have these ups and downs in my real life,” said Stause, who previously dated her boss Jason Oppenheim. “All the details of what happens on the show are already known.”

She continued, “If there’s a way to give something a little more respect when I know it’s going to be taken out of context, I want to be part of the narrative. I kind of accepted it, and I’m just living my life out loud. I know it opens me up to a lot of criticism because I’m the first person to say, “I didn’t get it.”

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To hear everyone’s opinion is one of the main drawbacks of the fact that her personal and professional life is the main storyline in the series.

“You get criticism and comments from millions of people about your choice in real life or a moment that you are not proud of,” the TV presenter said. “If you manage to be completely closed, you will only get this criticism from friends and family who speak with love. In reality TV, this is definitely not the case. Because no matter how much we elevate people, we want to destroy them. I understand this cycle. That’s just how it works.”


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