“Sunset Sale” Wasn’t Emma Hernan’s First Reality Show: Check Out Her cameo in “Southern Charm”


She was holding Us back! If you thought Emma Hernan was first introduced to reality TV when she joined Selling Sunset in 2021, you’d be in good company-until a keen—eyed fan unearthed the Netflix personality’s past appearance on Southern Charm.

Indeed, in the season 3 episode “Hold Your Horses”, which aired in April 2016, 30-year-old Hernan meets Craig Conover and Shep Rose. “Are you all California girls?” Rose, 41, asked. “Sometimes there are too many options,” he joked to the camera later.

This is far from the only headline made by an agent of the Oppenheim Group recently. On Monday, April 25, Hernan clarified a racy confession she made about Ben Affleck in a recent episode of Selling Sunset. (The 5th season of the hit was released on Netflix on April 22.)

In this episode, the realtor told the partner in the film, Krischel Staus, that she and the 49-year-old director of Argo corresponded after meeting on the celebrity dating app Raya. The two were connected by their home state of Massachusetts, and “he may or may not have asked for… coffee several times,” Hernan said.

However, after the episode aired, Affleck, who has been in a relationship with fiancee Jennifer Lopez since May 2021, explained through his representative that he had not been an “active participant in Paradise for several years.”

Hernan seems to have confirmed this herself when she explained on E! Daily Pop that communication with the Oscar winner “was recent. It was 2019. Literally, the smallest, innocent thing. … [It] exploded disproportionately.”

During the fifth season of “Sunset Sales,” the Netflix star found herself in even more difficult situations with her personal life.

“I never flirt with clients. I’m always strictly business, but it’s hard not to flirt with Mika,” Hernan said of developer Mick McDonald. “I don’t usually mix business with pleasure, but Mika is a little different. We had one or two meetings and I thought, “Oh, my God. He is not only attractive, successful and confident, but we really have a lot in common. I mean, basically, he’s just checking, checking, checking every damn box.”

In the previous season—Hernan’s first—the Netflix star had a falling out with co-star Kristin Quinn over their mutual ex and colleague, Oppenheim’s agent, Peter Cornell.

“I wonder where you’ve seen Emma from The Sunset Sale before??” a TikTok user shared a clip posted on Thursday, April 28. “Season 3, episode 9 of Southern Charm circa 2016.”