“Sunset Sale” star Emma Hernan tells How Ben Affleck Texted Her DM on Paradise: “We have a connection with Boston”


What could be! Emma Hernan claimed she almost had an affair with Ben Affleck before he revived his romance with Jennifer Lopez.

“He could write to me, or he could not write,” the 30—year-old real estate agent said of the 49-year-old Oscar winner in the fifth episode of the fifth season of “Sunset Sales.” several times.”

Emma spoke about her alleged exchange with the director of Argo during a discussion with Krischel Staus, who asked her if she had ever tried the celebrity dating app Raya. “Remember when Ben Affleck went viral because he, like, sent some girl [something],” the former soap opera star, 40, asked her colleague.

The model replied that she remembers because she was allegedly one of those to whom the Justice League actor corresponded. However, despite their online exchange, Emma noted that they had never met in person.

“You could have interfered with Bennifer,” Chrischell replied.

Emma went on to say that Affleck’s “initial pickup line” was about their shared home state of Massachusetts. “We have a connection to Boston,” she explained. “It was very nice.”

According to Emma, the exchange occurred “right before Affleck resumed his romance with 52-year-old Lopez in April 2021. Earlier this month, the Hustlers actress confirmed that she and the Deep Water star are engaged for the second time. The duo were originally supposed to get married in September 2003, but they canceled the wedding and broke up four months later.

“I don’t think anyone was more surprised than we were,” “Get Right” singer Ellen DeGeneres said in February about the couple’s reunion. “You could never imagine that something like this could happen. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Emma, for her part, is currently single, but her past relationships have been a major source of drama in “Sunset Sale.” During season 4, Christine Quinn claimed that her ex Peter Cornell cheated on her with Emma. The 33-year-old author of the book “How to Be a Boss Bitch” also claimed that at that time she was engaged to 45-year-old Peter.

He kind of heard the rumble of what was going on when we were filming, like what was mentioned, and he just rolled his eyes.”

The business owner claimed that Peter and Christina had never actually been engaged, despite the Texas native’s claims to the contrary.

“They were never engaged, he made that clear,” Emma explained. “He laughed when it was mentioned, and everyone knows it. It’s not even up for discussion, because the chance is literally zero.”

The fifth season of “Sunset Sales” is now streaming on Netflix.