Sunset Sale: Maya Reveals How She Copes with Loss after Stillbirth


Maya Vander from Selling Sunset spoke about her recovery process six months after stillbirth. Maya, who has a son Aiden, 3, and daughter Elle, 2, with her husband David Miller, announced that she is pregnant with her third child in July 2021. Unfortunately, Maya, who was unmistakably thrilled to have become a mother for the third time, all her joy was snatched away when she went into labor prematurely. The Netflix personality took to social media to write about the painful experience of that time, calling it the hardest day of his life. She also reported that she had a stillborn baby at 38 weeks.

Maya, who noted that she would never have believed that she could have a stillbirth, shared a photo of a memory box that she took home from the hospital. The devastated mother also wrote that she would not wish such an experience on anyone. She said she went for a regular weekly checkup, but when doctors discovered her baby’s condition, she was met with a nightmare. Although Maya never had the opportunity to hold the baby in her arms, she noted in her update on social networks that he will always live in her heart.

The reality TV star found it difficult to understand the death of her third child, but fortunately she found a way to improve her mental state. The real estate agent shared with fans on Instagram how she coped with this devastating experience, posting a photo of herself and a lengthy caption saying, “I have women (who may go through something like this) asking me how I feel after about my stillbirth and miscarriage, as well as about how I can continue my daily life.” Maya further explained that being busy helped her forget about her problems.

In addition, in the post, Maya advised other grieving mothers to get to work, communicate with people, get their body moving and talk to someone, because all these steps help to distract from stress. Maya knows how long it takes to survive such a loss, and urged mothers who find themselves in the same situation to work on moving on. It’s good that Maya is beginning to overcome her painful experience. In December last year, celebrating Christmas with her kids, the TV presenter admitted that she was still going through difficult times. She also discussed her stillbirth during the Selling Sunset reunion last month, where she told the Tan France host that she felt much better after the “strange accident.”

Although it took Maya a long time to move on after her stillbirth, it’s nice to finally see the “Selling Sunset” star getting back to her best. Maya succeeded in sharing her experience with other struggling women. Her advice that inaction will not help a grieving person, I hope, will help other mothers to communicate and deal with their pain. Meanwhile, it’s unclear if the reality TV star is ready to give birth to another child, but she’s doing everything to improve her mental health and help others in the same situation.