Sunset Sale: Emma & Micah sells the house where they First Met


It seems that Emma Hernan and Micah McDonald from Selling Sunset continue to combine business with pleasure. Micah McDonald was introduced as Emma Hernan’s new business contact and romantic interest in the fifth season of Sunset Sales. The couple first met on the set of “Sunset Sale” when realtor Emma inspected the magnificent development and was quickly conquered by both the unobstructed view and Mika’s charm. . After five years of work on a luxurious five-bedroom, nine-bathroom estate, the Beverly Hills property is up for sale with Emma and the Oppenheim Group for almost $19 million.

Fans first learned about this property in the fifth season of “Sunset Sale”, but the project has been in development since 2016. In the third episode of the fifth season, it was revealed that Mika, a real estate developer and entrepreneur, originally bought a 1,700-square-foot plot. the plot was purchased in 2016 for $ 2.8 million and repairs began. The house itself showcases everything Selling Sunset fans have come to love about the franchise, including over 10,000 square feet of skyline views, as well as a private spa, double walk-in closets, an on-site yoga studio and a large movie theater. enough to accommodate up to 20 guests, according to the list.

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As the new cast of the 4th season of “Sunset Sales”, Emma charmed the audience with her business savvy and quick wit. In fact, it was Emma’s business orientation and her pursuit of achievement that first attracted the attention of the developer Miki. Emma told sources to E! News: “He used to tell me how impressed he was with my knowledge not only about real estate, but also about investments in general,” she said. “When you’re in real estate, it’s very important to not just look at real estate, look at the investment aspect of it and what you’re going to get out of it in the future.” Mika agreed, telling E! News: “I love working with Emma and I am happy that we have found the right buyer for this luxury property. .¬†Fans first got to know both Micah and the real estate in season five, and now that it’s finally completed, the Beverly Hills real estate is in Emma’s safe hands.

Since joining the cast of Sunset Sales, Emma’s personal life has caused quite a stir. In the fourth season, it quickly became clear that Emma and local villainess Christine Quinn share much more than their love of real estate. Kristin claimed that Emma started dating her ex-boyfriend when they were still together. Fans were impressed by how Emma behaved during several scandals in the office and a confrontation with Christina because of their mutual ex Peter Cornell, with whom Emma was previously engaged. Their discontent was later renewed during the fifth season of “Sunset Sale” when Christina tried to sabotage her fellow realtor Emma Hernan by offering one of her clients $5,000 so that he would not work with Hernan. Despite Quinn denying the claims, several people were able to confirm the claims, and eventually during the reunion in season 5 it was confirmed that there was “no place” for Kristin in the brokerage office.

As for whether fans will see Emma and Mika together more often outside of work, many viewers of the “Selling Sunset” are interested to know if Emma and Mika are officials. Emma confirms that although the two are still dating, they retain a causal relationship. “Maybe in season 6 there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?” she teased during a recent interview. Thanks to a potential romance and the continuation of her rivalry with the show’s villainess Christine Quinn, the upcoming season of “Sunset Sale” is sure to bring a lot of drama, romance and magnificent views of California.